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时间:2023-04-04 00:30
本文摘要:In his latest question-and-answer session, the Facebook co-founder answers oddball questions, including one about whether hes secretly a reptile. He also hangs out with comedian Jerry Seinfeld.在近期的解说活动中,脸书牵头创始人扎克伯格问了各种怪异的问题,其中还包括关于他否私底下是只爬


In his latest question-and-answer session, the Facebook co-founder answers oddball questions, including one about whether hes secretly a reptile. He also hangs out with comedian Jerry Seinfeld.在近期的解说活动中,脸书牵头创始人扎克伯格问了各种怪异的问题,其中还包括关于他否私底下是只爬行动物。其中还有喜剧演员杰瑞宋飞到客串。

If you let anyone ask you a question, be prepared for doozies.如果你让任何人回答你一个问题,作好打算庆贺各种黑色幽默的问题。Thats probably how Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg shrugged off a tongue-in-cheek message from a fan who was watching his Tuesday question-and-answer forum on the social networks live video service.脸书牵头创始人马克扎克伯格本周二在脸书上展开解说活动视频直播时,一位粉丝明确提出了一个半打趣的问题(即他是不是只蜥蜴),扎克伯格回应满不在乎。

Are the allegations true that youre secretly a lizard? Zuck read. Im going to have to go with no. I am not a lizard.扎克伯格读道:“有人说道你私底下是只蜥蜴,这些众说纷纭是知道么?” “我得说道不是。我不是蜥蜴。”So started an hour in which the 32-year-old head of the worlds largest social network discussed his daughter Max, his efforts to build artificial intelligence software, and his broken arm. All told, about 117,000 people around the world tuned in to watch.作为世界上仅次于社交网络的领导人,在接下来一小时的解说中,32岁的扎克伯格谈及了女儿麦克斯,自己为打造出人工智能软件代价的希望,以及骨折的手臂。

全球收听该直播的约有11.7万人。He held the event using Facebooks Live video service, which promises to make everyone with a phone and an internet connection the star of their own broadcast. Its become must-have functionality in Silicon Valley, with established companies, like Amazon and Twitter, and startups, such as Meerkat, building and buying live video services.他在解说直播中用于的是脸书的Live视频服务,该服务允诺让每个享有电话和互联网相连的人沦为自己的广播明星。这在硅谷已沦为不可或缺功能,亚马逊和推特等老牌公司,以及Meerkat等初创公司都在建设和出售视频直播服务。Seinfelds burning question: What does Zuckerberg do first in the morning? You go to the bathroom, Seinfeld posited.杰瑞宋飞最引人关注的问题是:扎克伯格早上做到的第一件事是什么?杰瑞宋飞的猜测是:“你再行去洗手间。

”No, the first thing I do is look at my phone, Zuckerberg said matter of factly. And since hes nearsighted and doesnt wear his contacts to bed, Zuckerberg said he has to hold his phone very close to his face. I didnt expect to talk about this publicly.扎克伯格说道:“不,我要做到的第一件事就是看我的手机”,他实事求是地说道。而且扎克伯格说道,由于白内障而且睡觉时不戴着隐形眼镜,他被迫将手机拿得离脸十分将近。


“我不期望公开发表谈论这个。”We didnt expect him to either.我们也没想到他不会这样说道。

Zuckerbergs been holding public question-and-answer sessions for more than a year, discussing issues ranging from hate speech to being a new father. (He says being a dad is awesome, though apparently his daughter has been waking him up lately).一年多以来扎克伯格仍然举办公开发表解说活动,辩论的问题范围普遍,还包括仇恨言论以及沦为新的晋爸爸。(他说道沦为爸爸“十分棒”,尽管他的女儿最近仍然吵醒他)。He used the session to address weighty subjects like connecting the world, entrepreneurship and the potential of VR. Zuck also dispelled a rumor that Facebook would charge for its service someday.他利用这种活动来说明“大块头”的话题,如相连世界、创业精神和虚拟现实的潜力。


扎克伯格也超越脸书将来不会对其服务收费的传闻。Facebook is free. It always has been, he said. Were not going to charge. Thats why were ad-supported.他说道:“脸书是免费的。它仍然都免费,我们不想收费。这就是我们拒绝接受广告反对的原因。

”Zuckerberg also gave an update on his effort to build artificial intelligence software for his home. He can now voice-control the cameras and gates at his house, and he might hold another live video session soon to show it off.扎克伯格也透露了他为自己家倾力打造出的人工智能软件的进展。他现在可以语音掌控监控设备和家门,而且有可能迅速就不会举办另一次视频直播展开展出。In fact, he broke his arm falling off his bike while training for a triathlon.事实上,他在展开铁人三项训练时从自行车上摔下来,造成胳膊骨折。